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Benefit The Community

While this project is designed to raise awareness about ecology and benefit the urban environment and the citizens, its long term aims are:

  • To help build equitable responses to food needs by providing local food sources for low-income communities to improve access to fresh food

  • Reducing packaging waste;

  • Encouraging citizens to explore self-reliance, science and entrepreneurship in their communities

  • encourage inclusion for future projects in green technology and agribusiness by providing jobs to citizens of Athens. 

  • invigorating the community by incorporating local ideas and engagement


The project will have multiple side-benefits to include improving the air quality of Athens and reducing the carbon output of the urban environment to help maintain a more temperate climate in the summer. Tree cover can help to cool cities by as much. The project is designed as well to raise awareness about ecology and the benefits of low-impact growth within the urban environment. This project will not only contribute to the beautification of the city but also it aims on providing job opportunities.

While it may seem paradoxical to apply the term industry to this initiative, it nonetheless remains crucial and essential to weigh the pros and cons of The Green New Deal and clearly outline the ways in which its implementation is inclusive and sustainable from both a social and an economic standpoint. Many countries which have implemented Green initiatives have also experienced exponential growth that has in fact resulted in hyper-inflated economic growth, exorbitant living costs and social and democratic disparity. 

Community Development: Activities
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