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We provide internships & residencies for academics and researchers in urban agriculture, design and other "Green" fields 

The team at Green Athens welcomes academic partners who are willing to assist and learn about how an urban gardening initiative operates. There is an element of labour which often seems to curtail "green" development, so if you aren't afraid of work and welcome the reward and fulfilment that creating greeen spaces in the city brings, this is the internship/work experience for you!


Green Athens offers internships and exchanges with students and faculty members in the fields of Applied art and Design, Agriculture, Green-tech Engineering, and Sociology,  (just to name a few).

Work-Experience Description : 

To assist with the development of Green Athens as an urban ecology project, assisting with the development and implementation of ecological urban-garden projects to include project development and marketing, furniture design & building, garden installation and garden maintenance.

Interns and volunteers are welcome to suggest their own innovative gardening solutions or designs for a pilot project or case study. This is a great way to fortify your experience and to demonstrate your skills for employment prospects!

Skills desired 

  • A passion for furthering Green development in the urban environment (in this case Athens, Greece).

  • Knowledge of gardening and / or Ecological, Sustainable Design.

  • Good level of English (B2 or above for Europe)

  • Basic knowledge of woodworking or gardening 


Desired dates and duration for the internship : 

Duration for the internship: 4 months

Time Frame: Anytime between September 2023 and June 2024.

Recommended internship schedule: 

Three days a week / four hours per day. 

Days and hours negotiable. 

Please send your CV and cover letter to :

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