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Reinforcing our Commitment

The building furniture, garden installation and garden maintenance and is managed by 2-3 competent technicians. Automatic watering systems may also be installed in order to ensure that plants grow throughout the year, thus ensuring that landscape plantings grow steadily throughout the year with minimal maintenance requirements. 
Plantings that are well adapted to the Greek landscape are used with fruiting trees op
providing fruit and nutrients to clients and possibly as well, neighbours.
The plants provide shade and privacy while beautifying the spaces over time. Raised gardening beds can also be used to cultivate crops as a local source of food for domestic and possibly as well collective building occupant consumption. In this way the model for urban farming and permaculture mimics the model of villages in Greece where agricultural output is shared between neighbours. For many residents of Athens who spend more than 90% of their time in the city, such a service is not only useful, it is also vitally important for their welfare and well-being.

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